Creating engaging and informative content is the ultimate goal, but it can be difficult to achieve on an ongoing basis. Utilising insights from your social platforms in your content campaigns is the differentiator between good content and newsworthy, link-worthy content.

Here are 5 examples of how to use Social Media insights as a source for content for your business.

1. Peruse Instagram to come up with fun content ideas.

2. Explore Twitter to learn more about a pressing topic or trending news.

3. Don’t overlook niche social platforms…you don’t just have to stick to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram when creating content from social media data.

4. Analyze tweets for advanced textual insights.

5. Conduct a survey for more actionable insights.


Social media platforms offer something unique that other data sources cannot and you have the opportunity to acquire massive amounts of information from real people, in a matter of minutes.


Tips for Best Practice

  • Hashtags are typically subjective, so keep campaigns lighthearted in nature in order to earn good coverage.
  • Stay away from using information to talk about things that are scientific or close to health topics — people looking for health advice should get information from licensed professionals.
  • Make sure that no matter the topic, whatever you produce contributes to an ongoing conversation.
  • Trending news topics can become old very quickly if you don’t earn coverage immediately so exercise using this information with caution.